Dr. Slaton Believes

A child is an investment. A family is a business. A community is a place to practice.

  • A home must be a safe place to live. 
  • A family is a business and must be grown like one.
  • A child is an investment and must be raised like one.
  • A school must be a safe place to learn.
  • Education is the way you live to learn, through how you feel things.
  • A teacher must talk to the brain, to help a student care, with her or him in the lead.
  • A neighborhood must be a safe place to think. 
  • Government is a service that leads the people to cooperate.
  • A spiritual leader must have a sense of feel for self and the brain, in the lead of the body.
  • A workplace must be a safe place to respond.
  • Business is how you synchronize the goals of self, to the needs of other people, and the environment.
  • A leader must show the skill to live, learn, think, and respond to leads.