See What Vanessa, A Valued Participant, Says About Her Experience

I met the Slaton’s and enrolled in their program, the Progressive Investing Institute for Focused Learning at the tender age of 19 years old. At the time my life was impacted by trauma on multiple levels that resulted in anxiety, depression, and an overwhelming search for self-love. My mother had to escape from my biological father’s abusive behavior, his absence as well as the harm he caused led me to experience intense feelings of anger and abandonment. As a result of my mother choosing unhealthy relationships, we experienced mental, emotional, and physical violence, which left me feeling unsafe and insecure.

Joining the Slaton’s PIIFL program provided a safe space for authentic expression and exposed me to integrative approaches to healing. This included emotional decompression, deep observation and self assessment so that I could gain the ability to evolve past the pain of my experiences and begin to tap into a deeper level of my potential.
Their ability to provide culturally responsive learning systems created an inviting and warm environment. They spoke to me with a level of curiosity and enthusiasm that sparked my brain to engage in ways I hadn’t experienced before. I felt seen, heard and most of all capable of moving beyond my life’s challenges.

These experiences transformed my ability to access meaningful human process systems that have contributed to my development and shaped much of who I am today. I have excelled beyond social-emotional deficit into a heightened sense of self-awareness. I am living proof of what occurs when the brain’s body is engaged and informed with consideration for feelings to function with clarity, confidence, and courage.

The Brain’s Body is a reflection of what it feels like to engage in human process systems that uplift healing and simultaneously cultivate a zest for lifelong progression.

Exposure to the Brain’s Body human process learning systems has helped me to actualize my life purpose with resilience and tenacity. I am now thriving personally and professionally as a result of having caring adults talk to my brain so that my body responds with divine alignment. I am so grateful to the Slaton’s and the life work they are committed to. It is foundational to my self-discovery, self-education, and life mastery. The systems that they have created are valuable beyond measure.

I recommend the Brain’s Body as a tool for parents, educators, and community facilitators who are seeking valuable process methods for assessment, engagement, and development to nurture social-emotional impact and wellness for community members.

Marianna Sousa
Social Wellness Leader | Edutainment Specialist